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This is a shooter game I developed with the help from TomLooman's amazing tutorial using Unreal. Core game logic (85 - 90% of the project) is done in C++, UI, materials, Niagara effects etc... is mostly done in Blueprint. 

The game is multiplayer ready. The newest game mode is a competitive shooter mode. Each round of the game takes 15 minutes. Players simply login and start eliminating other players. A player wins the game if he/she has the most kills at the end of the game.

Currently, the game provides two weapons: an automatic rifle and a sniper. Switch between these two weapons using mouse wheel. Player also has a special skill called Enhanced Vision, which could highlight other players on the map. More special skills such as health support station, seeker grenade, etc is coming soon.

The game also have special pick ups such as health regeneration and speed boost scattered around the map. Health regeneration would add 50 health to all players, while speed boost could increase the movement speed of the player. Make sure to use them to your advantage!

Controls: W A S D to move around, E to use Enhanced Vision, R to reload, mouse wheel to change weapon.

The game is a packaged unreal project. Simply unzip and run.

I've also the dedicated server file. It's built for windows. Use the shortcut to run the server, so that the log window is kept open. Make sure port 7777, which is used by the connection between clients and dedicated server,  is accessible. 

Map used in game is an expansion on the map provided in Tom Looman's UE tutorial.

Four Player gameplay demo

Two Player gameplay demo

C++ source files:



WindowsServer.zip 328 MB
Coop_Package_Client.zip 413 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run

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